Does Professional Art Have a Clear Definition?

Does Professional Art Have a Clear Definition?

What is professional art and how to recognize it? Are there clear criteria in such a subjective area as art? Many professional artists died unrecognized, but their works became great centuries later; and, on the contrary, others gained recognition in their lifetime but became unknown after their death.

What is included in the concept of professional art? Artist skills, the cultural and historical value of the work, the impression produced on the viewer? Clearly, art should be viewed holistically, considering all components.

Components of professional art 


Art always begins with the artist. But can we say that professional art should be definitely created by the artist with a fine art degree? We`d like to, but we can`t. History contests this idea. There were a lot of outstanding artists, such as Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh, who did not graduate from the university. An artist may be called a professional if they have mastered some art techniques and have their own style and manner, sense and view of the world, which is perfectly reflected in their work.


Artwork does not exist without a viewer. However, if the painting impresses somebody, it does not make it professional because the work that admires some people may not necessarily attract the interest of others. The reason is an individual perception of art. Even the most flawless artwork may mean nothing to you if you don`t like it.

Does Professional Art Have a Clear Definition?


The last but not least component is society and collective thinking. If the specialists announce a certain artwork as a professional one, society most likely accepts this opinion. Besides professional views, the assessment of artworks also depends on the marketing strategy and attention given to it. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is more popular than his Lady with an Ermine because it was talked about more. However, the skill level of the second painting does not concede to Gioconda. It just has a more modest provenance.

If you are an art collector, listen to public opinion but always rely on yourself. Artwork can be considered mediocre today, but everyone may talk about it tomorrow. Watch and analyze the tendencies and artist mastery because it is the only way to find professional art that you will love.