Useful Tips for Novice Art Lovers, or How to Select Art

Useful Tips for Novice Art Lovers, or How to Select Art

The number of art lovers and connoisseurs is increasing every year. But what to look for if you are a novice collector who doesn`t navigate the art market and principles of formation of the art collection? It is worth starting with common bases and making your own collector’s style. We have some useful tips that will help you with your first steps.

Useful tips for novice art lovers

Work out your priorities

Art is usually seen as an investment. However, you should work out your own priorities. Do you plan to invest in art, or is it just your hobby? The principles of formation of your collection depend on your answers. Your purpose defines the artworks you will choose and your collection as a whole.

Expand your horizon

Visit galleries and communicate with curators, experts, and other art lovers. Develop your visual skills. The more you see and analyze, the better you understand and feel art periods and movements or works by a chosen artist.

Listen to yourself

Even if you consider art as an investment, never purchase works you don`t like. The sign and famous name shouldn`t be your guide for artwork selection. All collectors are art lovers, so remember that the works in front of you are, above all, the art and only then the instrument for investing. Have joy with the process and your collection.

Control impulsive purchases 

Impulsive purchases are impossible to avoid, but you can learn to control the process. Choose your strategy for art selection, but give some space for emotional acquisitions. It will revitalize your collection and make it more interesting.

Allow some variety

When you are a novice, it is easier to focus on a certain period or artist you like. However, strict limits sometimes are not as useful as they may seem. It is normal and even exciting to collect some different artworks. The focus must not disintegrate into art diversity, but still, the more knowledge you have, the more understanding and freedom of choice you will have.

Organize the space

When you work out your priorities and choose the type of your future collection, create the space for it. Consider the style, design, and composition principles. Perhaps, you will want to change the exposition and remove some works for a while. Think of art storage  that will have appropriate conditions for your artworks.

The increasing number of art lovers makes us happy, and we hope that the above-mentioned tips will be useful to you.