What Type of Art Collector Are You? Find Your Tribe

Art Collector

So many artworks, so many art collectors. Amazingly enough, no two collectors are alike, meaning that every enthusiast who starts hunting for fine art will most likely have their own collecting strategy. Understanding ‘who is who’ is important for artists, art dealers, and other collectors themselves since it is the vital step to fruitful cooperation. So what type of art collector are you?

What type of art collector are you?

An aesthete

Many emerging art collectors consider themselves aesthetes, but they are not. It is a person who can see infinitesimally small and subtle details when looking at a work of art. Usually, people become aesthetes after developing some taste.

A purpose-seeker

A purpose-seeker is not a simple art collector. The focus of the seeker is beyond the realm of art. Art, in this case, is just a tool for achieving goals. Some people call them “spiritualists” due to their connection with spiritual practices.

A high achiever

If you are an avid art-fair-and-exhibition-goer, and every collected painting or sculpture gives you a sense of achievement, then you must be a high achiever. Despite all the hardships, these people strive to be at the forefront of the industry.

A treasure hunter

Unlike high achievers, treasure hunters look only for exclusive stuff. They are ready to pay lots of money for art preservation services just to have a unique piece of art restored and conserved. Often, such collectors are money-driven, but there are exceptions to the rule.

A talent sourcer

Talent sourcers are arguably the most effective and useful art collectors on the list. These people are working mainly with emerging artists and galleries. The aim is to help people gain recognition and hence develop the art world. 

Which category do you fall under? Each type of art collector has certain benefits and advantages, so the faster you find out what tribe you are in, the faster you can use your strengths.