Five Essential Tips on Finding and Buying Art for Beginners

Five Essential Tips on Finding and Buying Art for Beginners

The prospect of building a big and beautiful art collection sounds exciting, but you may have no idea where to start. You are not alone: all beginner art collectors entering the world of art find themselves overwhelmed with a variety of choices. Thankfully, many people before you have figured it out so that you do not repeat their mistakes. Here are five tips on buying art for beginners that will help you make your journey into the art world smooth sailing.

Five essential tips on finding and buying art for beginners

Decide on what you like

What might seem like obvious advice will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Knowing exactly what kind of art you like might not come to you immediately, so it is highly recommended that you spend some time researching before making purchases.

Buy from reputable sources

Finding a reputable seller is easier said than done. Some big galleries and auctioneers have centuries of reputation and long lists of reputable buyers that distinguish them from others. But what if you want to buy something from a smaller seller? In that case, try to look up reviews and talk to the seller or artist personally before buying from them.

Pay attention to provenance

Provenance is incredibly important when it comes to building a worthwhile art collection, especially when it comes to high-value pieces. The artwork’s provenance documentation can tell you a lot about who owned it before you and, no less importantly, help verify its authenticity. This will not only influence the value of your artwork but also protect you from issues in the future.

Hire a professional art adviser

If you are going to spend a big buck on a work of art, you need someone to ensure that you are making the right decision. Art advisers are professionals who will help you determine the seller’s reliability and the value of your artwork for a commission.

Figure out the logistics

How will you get your newly acquired piece delivered to your location? This is something you need to approach responsibly, no matter where your latest addition to your collection comes from. Did you know that art damage is one of the most common reasons for insurance claims? Make sure your piece is transported by experienced art shippers.

These tips on buying art for beginners will help you avoid art scams and ensure that your collection is made up of high-quality works of art. We sincerely hope you have fun on your journey.