Major Fine Art Trends of 2023 That Are Not Going Anywhere

Major Fine Art Trends of 2023 That Are Not Going Anywhere

Whether you are interested in investing in the art market or simply enjoy learning about the current state of the industry, it is important to constantly keep up with the latest trends in the art world. In the past years, this field has gone through some quite extreme changes, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the larger-scale integration of AI technology into our society. As the current year unfolds, experts have already made predictions as to which fine art trends of 2023 are here to stay and what will happen to the artistic landscape moving forward.

Major fine art trends of 2023 that are not going anywhere

World’s leading gallery curators and art advisers say that artworks that bend genre expectations are and will continue to be in the spotlight in 2023. Our time is characterized by people breaking social conventions and fighting against prejudice not only in the public sphere but also in the art world. Most contemporary artists who are at the peak of fame right now are working in mixed- and multi-media. This might be partially due to the demands that the modern audience poses: as we are constantly stimulated by social media, we find ourselves looking for more stimulating art. For this reason, according to curators, immersive installation art will also grow in popularity.

As the field of computer-generated art evolves, many see AI as the future of the art industry. While this topic is highly controversial, it still keeps attracting artists with its multitudes of possibilities. While it is hard to predict what will happen to AI-generated art after the novelty wears off, it is one of the fine art trends of 2023 that will only continue to receive more and more attention.

As for thematic trends, galleries and art fairs are interested in artworks exploring identity, power struggle, climate change, and other pressing political and social issues. Artists are encouraged to present the most authentic version of themselves and to use their creations to spike conversation around important topics.

While following the fine art trends of 2023 might increase an artist’s chances of getting noticed by a gallery or a client, integrity and honesty are something that will never be out of style. Following your artistic vision and pursuing a passion are the best things you can do.