4 Book Collecting Tips for Complete Beginners

Book Collecting

Book collecting is not what the majority of people believe it is. If you buy books from time to time, read them, and put them on the shelf, it is called a personal collection. However, it is not what a real collection is in the first place. The difference is in detail.

If you collect books or other printed materials, you usually have an underlying goal. As a collector, you do not buy everything striking your eye; instead, you have a list of criteria that define the items suitable for your book collection. In other words, there is a very narrow and clear aim that you pursue and try to fulfill. That is how you can tell buying and collecting apart.

Below are four tips that will help emerging collectors start collecting books without much fuss.

4 book collecting tips for complete beginners

1. Set realistic goals

Collecting goals are the bedrock of your collection since everything else depends on them. You need to pick factors that will be signifying the uniqueness of your selection. For instance, people usually collect works written by one author or books of the same genre. The choice is yours.

2. Plan a budget

When it comes to budgeting, books are a flexible asset, meaning that they are much more accessible than, let’s say, antique clocks or fine paintings. One book a month is more than enough, but it is up to you how much to invest in your collection.

3. Find dealers

Book collecting is most effective when you know where to obtain necessary editions at the lowest possible price. It takes time to build a network of dealers and get acquainted with the community. That is why local bookshops, flea markets, and even auction houses are a good way to start.

4. Insure your collection

If you plan to hunt for antique or rare books, you have to ensure their safety. Consider an insurance policy for your collection so that you won’t lose money in case of accidents.

Book collecting is fun when you follow these tips and try to enjoy every moment of your collector’s journey. Good luck!