How to Choose the Right Artwork Frame: 5 Actionable Tips

How to Choose the Right Artwork Frame: 5 Actionable Tips

Whenever you buy art from a gallery, the chances are high that you will get a painting without a frame. Well, if you have one, then you are in your halcyon days since art framing services are usually offered separately for the price. If not, you have to choose the right artwork frame for yourself. And here is how it is better to do so.

How to choose the right artwork frame: 5 actionable tips

1. It is okay to go frameless

In specific cases, framing is not necessary at all. For example, canvases—because of their robust platforms—don’t require additional protection. First, consult an expert, and then come to the carefully weighted decision.

2. A frame should match the style, not alter it

The right artwork frame is the aesthetical continuation of a painting or picture. Choose the color and the shape of the frame carefully since if you treat it light-mindedly, something will certainly be wrong.

3. Room décor matters too

Apart from the painting’s style, you should also keep in mind the whole décor of the room. You can either enliven your space with neatly picked framed artwork or simply ruin its atmosphere because of, for example, acid colors or pretty formal style.

4. Different artworks – different frames

Unfortunately, there is no frame to fit them all, as every other type has different requirements and specifications. As an illustration, let’s look at works on paper (watercolors paintings, drawings). All the materials should be 100 percent acid-free, or you’d rather get ready to face the consequences.

5. Better hire professional framers

You can cope with framing for sure, but if you are not that confident or you deal with high-dollar art, then it would be wiser to request professional framing services.

These five actionable tips will help you complete the task with flying colors and chose the perfect artwork frame that will both fit the room and please your eye whenever you look at your painting.