Tips on Selling Art for Beginners: Keys to a Successful Career

Tips on Selling Art for Beginners: Keys to a Successful Career

Are you a beginner who has just started the transition process into becoming a professional artist? You most likely have a million things on your mind right now, and the financial side of the deal is probably one of them. Being excited about starting a new career path is one thing, but how do you make it profitable? Here are five tips on selling art for beginners who need a little nudge in the right direction.

Tips on selling art for beginners: keys to a successful career

Establish your brand

Branding is important not only for companies but also for entrepreneurs. By establishing your brand identity, you let potential customers know what to expect of you and make yourself more marketable and recognizable. Find a niche you are most comfortable with and start working toward making it your own. Regularly post your art on social media or your website, and you will see your efforts paying off soon enough.

Sell art online

Selling art online is one of the main ways artists make money these days. That is true for both digital creators and those who prefer a more traditional approach. Selling physical artwork to people all over the globe will help you broaden your horizons. Remember to invest in proper packaging for your pieces so they arrive to their new owners in perfect condition.

Attend exhibitions, art fairs, and local art markets

Participating in events is essential to getting your name out there as an artist. You will have a chance to show your artwork to hundreds or even thousands of people at once, meet those who like it in person, and, of course, make sales. You will most likely have to pay a fee to exhibit your art at a gallery show or art fair, but it will be worth it.

Take commissions

Commission work is one of the most straightforward ways for artists to earn a living. Post an announcement on your social media and website to let everyone know you are taking commissions. You can use freelance websites to look for clients or make it easier for them to find you.

Starting can be scary, but you will thank yourself for taking the opportunities life offers you. We hope these tips on selling art for beginners will help you become a successful artist.