How to Store Paintings Like a Professional?

How to Store Paintings Like a Professional?

Once you decide to become a fine art collector and start assembling your own art collection, you will most likely come across the question of how and where to store paintings. At a glance, there is nothing challenging about it, but the reality says otherwise. It takes time to learn how to protect your artworks and make sure your investments are safe in the long run. Below you will find the basics of professional art storage that will help you grasp the whole idea quickly and effectively.

How to store paintings like a professional?

Choose what type of storage fits you best

Generally speaking, there are two ways of storing art: at home or art storage facility. Each option has its pros and cons, so you need to weigh them carefully before making the final decision.

Consult an art conservator

If you feel that you need someone’s advice, you should turn to professional art conservators or art advisors. These specialists can consult you on any question or matter disturbing your mind.

Create a safe environment

If you have decided to store paintings at home, you need to prepare your place and adapt its climate for storing your collection. Make a checklist where you will gather all the requirements for an appropriate storage environment.

Monitor your art from time to time

Art storage doesn’t mean that you can forget about your art forever. It is important to check it periodically. Even minor issues can transform into serious problems with time.

Think ahead

Every art collector should be a visionary, especially when it comes to storing and shipping fine art. If collecting art is your hobby or job for years ahead, you need to be very specific about the size of your storage facility and logistics issues in the future.

Those steps will be your key to art storage success. Once you begin to store paintings and stick to all the rules, you should no longer worry about the safety of your art collection.