4 Factors You Should Consider When Shipping Fine Art

4 Factors You Should Consider When Shipping Fine Art

Whether you are going to organize your first exhibition or you just have to send a piece of art to your friend, you are most likely to face some problems with the shipping process. Shipping fine art has little to do with standard shipping; that is why you are going to hire a company specializing in art handling and art transportation. But before you make a deal with someone, you should know about factors influencing the entire procedure and, therefore, your shipping experience.

4 factors you should consider when shipping fine art

1. Difficulty

The difficulty of shipping fine art depends on many criteria. Some of the most basic ones are the size and weight of your work of art, which can present challenges for shippers. Also, do not forget to notify the company about any special shipping requirements of your art piece.

2. Domestic vs. International

Domestic shipping and international shipping are two different things. The fact is that shipping fine art overseas ؙ— as compared to domestic shipping — implies other approaches and requirements. Plus, not every company is capable of it, so you should choose carefully whom to hire.

3. Special requests

Sometimes, you need more than just shipping. In such a case, you should make a list of things you seek when you choose a shipping company. For example, you can request packing services if you doubt your skills or purchase additional art insurance and guard yourself against unexpected occurrences.

4. Budget

Budget is the factor that you have to think through with all the previous factors in mind because it is totally dependent on them. A long distance, as well as special services, will certainly have sway with the final cost.

Every art collector, art dealer, artist, or any other person who wants to ship art should know these four factors as they are pivotal for successful shipping.