6 Simple Reasons Why People Do Need Art

6 Simple Reasons Why People Do Need Art

Society develops, increasingly instilling a culture of art in ordinary life. However, there are still people who believe that we don’t need it because it is useless and unpractical. According to them, everyone, from doctors and lawyers to IT specialists, can work effectively without it. But let’s not forget that we are not only representatives of certain professions but also personalities for whom spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development is an important part of life.

Six simple reasons why we do need art

Knowledge of the world

Art is the natural way of perceiving the world. Children have an unconscious longing for creativity. They try materials around and interact with the environment by painting and sculpting. In adulthood, such demand persists but is expressed in a different way. We actually receive and share knowledge using artworks throughout our lives.

Expression and self-reflection 

We need aesthetics to express ourselves. Any artwork is a projection of the artist’s thoughts and feelings, which allows them to relive certain experiences. Besides, it is a great tool for self-reflection and analysis.

Connection with each other

Art is a visual method of communication. A painter or sculptor speaks with an audience with nonverbal tools, and each viewer can share this message with their social circle. We need art to transmit information and establish communication and connection with each other and society.

History documentation

The history is well documented due to art. It gives the opportunity to research and collect information about the cultural, historical, social, political, and economic development of different countries in previous epochs. Contemporary artists also use their talent to convey reality through art for future generations.


Art gives us new emotions. We gain knowledge and ideas that can be later used in our daily life or for certain projects. It makes us find something new in the world around us and within us. New experiences that we accept motivate and inspire; they make our lives more fulfilling and eventful.

Harmonization of the internal state

Viewing the art, we receive pleasant emotions and calm down. Concentration on the artwork enables us to shift our focus from routine and fatigue to peace and harmony. The process of looking at beautiful art objects creates a special atmosphere, balancing our internal state.

While life without art seems to be possible, in reality, it is something that greatly contributes to our mental and intellectual evolution. We do need it to function and stay humans.